Mr. Alexander Nevski

Cyber Security Program Director, EBCG

Mr. Alexander Nevski is the Cyber Security Program Director at EBCG, where he develops produces and manages the CyberCentral Summit from start to finish, including content, scheduling, security market research, communication, business development and overall execution of projects, while keeping clients best interest as the top priority.
Mr. Alexander Nevski has collaborated with reputable cyber security and end user companies, including ESET, Darktrace, and Tinkoff Bank, among others. He brings Cyber Security professionals together and promotes education through active learning and best practices proven in the field.  Mr. Alexander Nevski is a citizen of the world by birth, an avid enthusiast and researcher in technology and information security, and the founder of Security BSides Bratislava chapter. He is also into competitive e-sports, and competes in regular competitions and LAN parties.