Mr. Robert Cornelisse

Director of the European Institute for Audit Professionals

Mr. Robert Cornelisse (RI, RE, CISA, EMIA) works in the financial sector since 1980 including management and internal audit functions.
Since 1991, Robert also works as an independent internal auditing consultant and as provider of training courses in that field. He has worked as Chief Audit Executive at the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM). His primary focus is on operational/internal and IT auditing, while he is also skilled as forensic (fraud) auditor.
He provides extensively support in the field of auditing, primarily to Internal Audit Functions in several countries such as Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Moldova, Ukraine, Russian Federation, Romania, Serbia, FYR of Macedonia, Latvia, Slovenia, Czech and Aruba, in which capacity he is also involved in international audit training programmes.
Robert has completed the Commerce-technical BM studies curriculum. At the Rotterdam Erasmus University he obtained his post-doctoral degrees in IT auditing as well as in Operational/Internal Auditing. Furthermore, Robert is a qualified property appraiser and has followed several courses in occupational and organisation psychology, administrative organisation and civil and tax law.
Having been an active volunteer member of the Professional Development Committee of the IIA Netherlands, he participated on the Institute’s Training Course Committee for more than 10 years. Robert is internationally active as an External Quality Assessor and is validated by the Institute of Internal Auditors Inc.

In 2008 he became, besides his work in the field of auditing, director of the European Institute for Audit Professionals which aims to enhance the performance and knowledge of the audit professionals especially in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.